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At Ayasat Media India Film Company, we are experts in all aspects of film production. Our team is skilled in the development, production, promotion, and distribution of films, commercials, music videos, and short films. We have a track record of working with clients from various countries and are always open to partnering with international film companies and directors. If you are interested in collaborating with us on a project, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality film productions that meet the needs of our clients.
"2 + 1" Best Friends
In addition to our film production services, we also offer a wide range of production support services, including attracting top European and foreign specialists, casting, and providing technical support for filming in Europe and Asia. We also offer post-production services such as video editing, sound design, and computer graphics and animation. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and seamless film production experiences for our clients.
In production
Сoming soon
Russia and India co-production project designed for the age group of people from 16 to 35 years. A comedy story about the fates of a Russian hustler and an Indian superstar who intertwine in a dizzying mix of adventure, love and dance.
750+ million target audience. Project will be shot in 3 languages
The storyline is set in the city of Varanasi & Ghaziabad, UP. It revolves around a setup of the new startup business of funeral planning ideated by a wanna-be entrepreneur.
An ambitious but clueless aspiring entrepreneur stumbles into the funeral planning business coincidentally with a "green" twist, only to find herself facing off against the ruthless and established local funeral industry. With the help of her misfit team and a questionable marketing campaign, she must navigate the absurdity of the death industry while staying true to her eco-friendly vision and avoiding becoming a permanent resident in her own cemetery
AYASAT media is doing integration of brands in films, by using the product placement, cross-promo and merchandising, we are good as successful combines film production with advertising. The advertising unit of AYASAT MEDIA has been cooperating with the leading advertising agencies and brands for more than 13 years. Our works are known worldwide.

Our services include:
Pre-production and casting
Equipment rental
Set building and decorations
Selection of locations and managing
the permits
Selection and making of costumes
Post-production (computer graphics and animation, creation and selection of music)
We work on the most modern ARRI cinema equipment
Mika Hamzyan
General Producer of Ayasat Media
With 23 years of experience in the film industry, I have successfully progressed from a simple worker on the set to an operator-director and producer of international projects. Since 2019, I have been the owner and producer of Ayasat Media India
Collaborating with well-known film companies such as Bazelevs Production, Universal Pictures, Amedia, Etalon-Film, Profit, Art Pictures Studio, Kinofabrika, CTB, X-Filme, Pavel Lungin's Workshop, Real-Dakota, Our Cinema, Eurasia Film Production, Interfest, KVF-Production, Amber Studio, Yurhaus, Fox International Productions CIS, Bulldozerfilms, EGO Production, Importfilm, New Regency Pictures, Rambler Media, IKaFilm, Bomar OOD, Mirumir, TNT, Comedy Club Production, Park Production.
Two + One
Once upon a time in Bollywood
Kings' Best Friend
Like In The Movies
Your Turn
Under Cover
Serial film "Degan Az"
"The monk and the demon"
"Queen of Spades"
Short film "Hero"
Multi-part film "Forever like mountains" Co-production:
"Security" (Directorate of Cinema, Channel One)
"Parallel Worlds"
"My Crazy Family"
"All inclusive, or All inclusive"
"Phantom" 3D
"Generation P"
"Moscow 2017"
"Our Russia. Eggs of Destiny "
"Black Lightning"
"Phantom" 3D
"Generation P"
"Moscow 2017"
"Our Russia. Eggs of Destiny "
"Black Lightning"
"The Irony of Fate. Continuation "
"Guilty without guilt"
"I'll give myself in good hands"
"Visiting a fairy tale"
"The night Watch"
"In the first circle"
"Wolfhound from the clan of gray dogs"
"Narrow bridge"
"Night seller"
"Shadow partner"
"Penalty battalion
Our Team
Mika Hamzyan
Funder / Producer / Director
Boris Skobelev
Show Runner / Producer
Andrey Nazimov
Actor Showrunner and Director
Victor Ignatiev
Executive Producer
Konstantin Moroshin
Development Director

Daniel Gradsky
Levan Kapanadze
Nishchye Aksh
Executive Producer
Patrycja Terendy
Production Manager
Max Tokarev
Line Producer
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